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Information on giving to our ministry


Thank you for your interest in giving to our ministry here at Rutherford County Baptist Church.  Our church is a self governing church, meaning that the members and leaders of our ministry decide and vote on how church funds are used or given.  We seek the Lord's guidance very much and understand that the Lord values faithfulness and integrity with His church in every aspect.  

Our main heartbeat is to win souls in our own area and invest in missionaries around the world who are also focused on reaching the lost.  We have been passionate about pleasing the Lord and carrying out His commision to the church for almost 20 years.  If you would like to invest in eternity and be a part of our church goals, we believe it would be a worthy investment.   


Please call us if you need further assistance or have any more questions.  Thank you again for joining with us.  615-355-9710 

Please be sure the "Share address" box is checked or it will not be able to complete the donation.  Thank you.

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